Aims and Objectives

The exact number of Pacific Island fishermen who have been lost at sea per annum is unknown as these records are not kept by most countries of the region.

Occasionally some cases are made known and more often than not reports indicate that fishermen were fishing outside the reef using a small outboard powered fishing boat which either ran out of petrol or developed engine problems.

Fishermen have been known to drift for anywhere between days and months before being rescued, finding land or dying at sea.

By providing coastal communities with Sails and showing them basic ways to attach these sails to their small boats, islanders may well be able to use sailing as a means to catch fish and/or as a safety mechanism to sail back to land if their outboard motor fails or runs out of fuel.

Sails are a means for these societies to continue fishing for their livelihood if and when they run out of petrol or the price of petrol becomes too expensive.

“Sails Ocean Sails” has the specific objectives:
1.To reduce the number of fishermen lost at sea each year.
2.To provide coastal communities around the world with sails
3.To demonstrate to fishermen how to hoist sails in small boats.
4.To demonstrate to fishermen basic sailing techniques and methods.
6.To discuss compass and map reading, charts and basic navigation.


5 Responses to Aims and Objectives

  1. Jan Verstraete says:

    Dear Peter,

    Congratulations with this fantastic initiative! I hope that you may reach and help many fisherman. I am sure that, once they will have experienced real sailing, they will use their motor only to return to the harbour…just like we do. God bless you and all those who help you to achieve this!


  2. natarsha van den Boogaard says:

    Congratulations Peter for your vision and using your initiative to create real solutions to a real problem.
    I commend you on your selfless efforts and hope that you will continue to have the support of those around you.
    I hope that your idea about introducing swimming/life saving lessons and techniques to various groups, will be seriously considered.
    There’s certainly hope for the future when people like you and those who support you, take the initiative and volunteer!
    And I hope that others learn from you, and understand that all it takes is vision and drive, to make something realised.
    Wishing you continued success.

  3. David Hancock says:

    Dear Peter

    I read about your initiatives in the Manly Daily 05.08.07 and attended the talk you gave today at the Avalon Sailing Club.
    I was immediately interested since in my young days an old friend and I purchased an old kauri gig for $30.00 and gaff-rigged her with sails bought for a song. We had such fun learning the art of sail in this fashion and spent many many hours in this old vessel which we still retain.
    In my middle years now I am very keen to be involved in your program.
    Since we are planning a trip up to the pacific in the next couple of years I will be in contact when this approaches as I am sure we will be of some use……Best wishes David

  4. Stephen Wall says:

    I have two Etchell sails – do you want them?
    they are in the eastern suburbs of Sydney

  5. Hi Peter
    Glad to see that all is moving along as planned. We now have more sails for you and I think if we let the members know there may even be a few more – please let us know how we can get these to you.
    Great job!

    Kind regards
    Paul Blundell
    Youthsail Coordinator
    Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club

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