Thanks to all who have donated sails

We have been inundated with offers of sails, so I have had to ask if those offering them could hold onto them until an alternative way of transporting them overseas is found.

We have received many very generous offers of sails, tackle, equipment, navigationbooks, etc. and now have the task of trying to deliver them to the Islands.

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Visit to Tonga postponed indefinitely because of Covid-19

A” BIG THANK YOU” to members of the sailing clubs, for their generosity with the donations made to “S.O.S.”.

We have forwarded “Certificates of Appreciation” to the following people/clubs:

Ron Thompson, Commodore, Canberra Sailing Club – and members

Rob & Suellyn Swan – Commodore, Gosford Sailing Club – and members

The staff at “Betta Canvas” for their help with modifying the sails for use by the fishing people

Christian, at Boatbooks, Australia for their donation.

We also thank the publishers of the “Cruising Helmsman” for publicizing the need for sails to take to Tonga – We now have sails, equipment & books to give to the Tongan people – IF “S.O.S.” can ever travel there !

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Upcoming visit to Tonga

At the University of Canberra bi-annual awards night the Chancellor presented Peter Gately – Director of Sails Ocean Sails with the Service and Philanthropy Award for 2019.

In his acceptance speech, Peter sent a big “ Thank You “ to the members of all the Sailing & Yachting Clubs across Australia who donated Sails & boating equipment to fishing people around the world in order to help them return home after their engines failed or ran out of petrol. Sails also reduce petrol consumption & pollution and allow fish to be noiselessly approached without using an engine – making fishing easier, more effective & efficient.

Peter also asked for the donation of sails for the upcoming [March 2020] Tonga visit; other boating equipment will be gratefully accepted. The Tongan request was received recently to help with the teaching of sailing & navigation to the students at the Maritime school and to the fishing people. Any lightweight smaller sails & life vests will be ideal. Peter will be taking over maritime charts, compasses, protractors, parallel/scaled rulers, GPS, etc; anyone who is interested & would like to take some photos/videos are welcome to come along & see how the Sails program works.

Presentation of Award and Peter’s speech

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A note of thanks from Peter

A big ‘thank you’ to Andrew Stonehouse and his team at Betta Canvas
in Queanbeyan; they have sewn some edging to reinforce the sail I had to cut up.
They have made five “new” sails from the original sail which was about 20 metres – over 60 feet long!

Thanks also to Linfox Transport for bringing truckloads of sails across from Perth!

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Visit to Timor Leste [East Timor]

In October, Peter visited East Timor and presented some donated sails and other navigational aids to some local fishermen.















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